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ET Transfer Preparation Package with Recipient

ET Transfer Preparation Package with Recipient

Discover our complete equine reproduction package designed to optimize the breeding process for your valuable horses. Our comprehensive service encompasses all essential stages from monitoring the donor mare's cycle through to artificial insemination and beyond.

Included in our service:


  • Cycle Monitoring Scans: Comprehensive scans throughout the donor mare's cycle to precisely track follicular development and hormonal changes, ensuring perfect timing for insemination.

  • Expert Artificial Insemination: Conducted with precision and care by our skilled professionals to maximize the chances of successful conception.

  • Post-Insemination Flush: Immediate post-insemination flush to enhance embryo implantation and improve pregnancy rates.

  • Post-Insemination Scan: Follow-up scans to monitor early embryo development and confirm pregnancy, providing peace of mind and ensuring continued care.

  • Hormonal Support: Administration of any necessary hormones throughout the process to optimize reproductive function and maximize success.


Additionally, our service extends to the recipient mare, encompassing thorough scanning and meticulous preparation to create an ideal environment for embryo transfer.


Here are the associated costs for each cycle:


  • Cycle 1: €510.00
  • Cycle 2: €485.00
  • Cycle 3: €460.00


These prices reflect the comprehensive equine reproduction services provided during each cycle


All prices are plus vat at 13.5%

    Excluding Tax
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